Team members:

  • Tania Paola Nuñez Olmedo
  • Paulina Velasco Gómez



NEUSPOT knows the trouble that entrepreneurs and companies have to get clients, as well as anyone who is looking for someone to carry out their projects, so it seeks to facilitate both situations, both for suppliers and clients, making contact between them easily and quickly. 

NEUSPOT is a website and application platform that offers an online directory, which works as a search engine for suppliers and related service providers in the construction sector. NEUSPOT is not only a contact book, since it works based on filters to find them in the site where the client is located and the category that they require, so finding it is practical and fast. In this way, NEUSPOT supports the growth of SMEs by generating work, in addition to promoting improvement in the quality of services and products when they’re rated.


Team members:

  • Tania Paola Nuñez Olmedo
  • Paulina Velasco Góme

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